Installing Pihole with Docker on Synology NAS DSM6

or “start your pi-hole”
  1. Using Cloudflare for DDNS with LetsEncrypt for TLS Certs — medium story
  2. Configured macvlan networking for Docker — medium story

Other Hot-takes

  1. Started here — anything Scott can do, I can probably do in time x 3, and less well:
  2. This Docker script was hugely helpful —
  3. Docker-compose .env files made my service repeatable (and pretty)
  4. Tony Lawrence’s blog was my starter-for-ten
  5. This thread on pi-hole cleared up a few blurry bits (especially around networking)



docker-compose index
echo "alias piup='sudo docker-compose up -d pihole'" >> ~/.bashrc

.env (Docker environment vars)

Pihole Service Config

pihole docker-compose file
  1. /etc/localtime to keep time in sync
  2. pihole-configs for my pihole configs
  3. dnsmasq.d for my dnsmasq.d config
  4. external.conf is my https configuration for the pihole web interface #OPTIONAL (see below)
  5. $(CERTHOME) maps my LetsEncrypt cert directory into pihole so I can add it into external.conf (above)

Configuring the HTTPS Interface

$ sudo cat /usr/local/share/${DOMAINNAME}/${DOMAINNAME}.key \
/usr/local/share/${DOMAINNAME}/${DOMAINNAME}.cer | \
sudo tee /usr/local/share/${DOMAINNAME}/${DOMAINNAME}.combined.pem

Spinning it up

Updating Gravity

docker exec pihole pihole updateGravity




Is this bio too short? Or is it just the right length?

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Is this bio too short? Or is it just the right length?

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