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Aggregating Page Information in Confluence

Don’t forget to clap.

This story-for-claps is a reminder for future me when I need to aggregate information from a series of pages back into a parent page. In my usecase, I have a bunch of Confluence Pages - questionnaires (copied from a template), with a nice table at the top with common data (team name, date of questionnaire, and so on).

How do you present this in Confluence? -Simple-. Tedious.

Template Page

On your template page, you need two things.

  1. In Edit mode, create a unique tag for your Questionnaire Template (which is then cloned to all subsequent questionnaire pages).
  2. Insert the ‘Page Properties’ macro — a simple white box, and create a table inside it like the example below. The Table shown has ‘First column’ selected in Table properties:
A view of the Page Properties macro — a table

3. Save your template and move onto your ‘Page Report’ page.

Page Report Page

This page is the aggregator for all your templates — it takes the Questionnaire Page Properties for all your tagged pages and displays them into a nice table.

On this page, insert the ‘Page Properties Report’ macro:

  1. Label — select the label you created for the Questionnaire Page template — this will grab all pages using your unique tag
  2. In Options, you’ll have to use the cloned Questionnaire Pages as the first column (thanks Confluence), but then simply transpose your ROW headings from your template question into the ‘columns to show’, per the screenshot below:
screenshot of ‘Page Properties Report’ macro showing the options selected

All set! You’ll now have a Parent Page showing the results of all the Questionnaires in one place. -Easy-!



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